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Mike Maroone Military and Chevrolet proudly support those who serve, and we want to show that support by doing whatever we can to help those sacrificing for our country! This is why we at Mike Maroone Military and Chevrolet offer military discounts here in Colorado Springs, CO in both vehicles and service. We are dedicated to having the most knowledgeable staff when it comes to military personnel, and we know that our brothers and sisters in arms may have different needs when it comes to a vehicle purchase.

Various Chevrolet vehicles are eligible for the program, including 2016 models of the Chevy Camaro, Impala, Malibu, Colorado, and Silverado. The discount ranges from $900-$3000, depending on which model you are interested in. You can get an even better deal by combining the military discount with our current special offers! If you have any questions on the discount, please contact us at Mike Maroone Military in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Chevy has partnered with USX, a non profit military organization, to help those veterans in need of support to overcome mental health issues related to military duty. In order to raise awareness, the USX team will head out on their first ambition task this spring– climbing Mount Everest. We wish them a safe and memorable journey!


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Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans

The Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans is a team comprised of veterans who have bravely overcame life-altering injuries and excelled in marathons. In order to find a more efficient handcycle for the marathoners, Chevrolet engineers teamed up with students from Michigan Tech and created more powerful bike for the organization.


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Hiring Our Heroes

Chevrolet's parent company, GM, is a leading corporate partner of the Hiring Our Heroes program, which has helped over 500,000 veterans find jobs since it was created in 2012. Through organizing over 30 companies to join together, GM has created a network of job opportunities across the country as well as U.S. bases in Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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Who is Eligible for the Discount?

Chevrolet offers a vehicle discount that extends to:

  • Active Duty members
  • Reservists
  • National Guard members
  • Veterans within one year of discharge dates

We also extend the discount to those who have previously served. This includes Retirees (including their spouses) of the:

  • U.S Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard

In order to redeem that discount, please visit and register. Get your discount code authorization, and then come visit us at Mike Maroone Military in Colorado Springs, CO to drive home in your new GM vehicle!

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