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Mike Maroone Military can provide you with all the service that you and your Chevrolet or Volkswagen need. We can get that oil changed for you and we can do it without an appointment. We are here for your bigger jobs as well with our expertly trained service staff. We can do all the major engine work and transmission work that you need done. Every time that we work on your vehicle we will make sure to use the absolute highest level of care and precision to ensure that your vehicle will not only run and operate to it’s highest potential today, but for many miles yet to come.

Come to Us For:

  • Lube, Oil & Filter Change
  • Front End Alignment
  • Maintenance (Wipers, Headlights, Etc)
  • Replace / Adjust Brakes
  • Service Package
  • Muffler / Exhaust Repair
  • Coolant Flush
  • Vehicle Checkup / Inspection
  • Transmission Flush
  • Electrical Service
  • Tire Balance
  • Filter Replacement
  • Tire Rotation
  • Much More!
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Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Why service your vehicle with us?

We can provide the service that your Chevrolet or Volkswagen needs. Our highly trained staff knows how to specifically work on that vehicle of yours and they will follow manufacturer's procedures to ensure that your car is getting the same care that it got when it was assembled at the factory. We have the proper tooling and the proper facilities to give your vehicle exactly what it needs, and our people know how to work efficiently so that you can get your vehicle back as quick as possible. We will even handle the oil change that you have been putting off, without an appointment. We know how busy your life in the military can be and we do not think that you should need an appointment for something as important as an oil change.

Mike Maroone Military wants to make your entire car care and service process more convenient, and that is why we let you schedule your appointment right here online so that you can get service around your schedule. When you leave your vehicle with us, you will be leaving it in good hands, and while you wait you can take advantage of our complimentary WiFi, coffee, cookies, and donuts. Take this time to relax and take it easy for a change, we both know that you deserve it. In addition to all that we will take the time to make sure that you are fully aware of everything that we intend to do to your vehicle, because we do not want you to have to worry about running into any surprises.

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Quality Licensed Parts

Mike Maroone Military provides you with all the genuine Chevrolet and Volkswagen parts that you and your vehicle need. These are the same parts that made your vehicle the great piece of machinery that it was on day one, and they are the only parts that can bring back and prolong the glory days of your vehicle. Using junk or aftermarket parts that can be the equivalent of junk will only serve to undo all the hard work and dedication that was put into your vehicle on the factory floor. They may get your car where it needs to go for awhile, but they can damage the long-term integrity of your vehicle forcing you to run into problems farther down the road.

Having the proper genuine parts is not enough, because we know that you cannot afford to wait when it comes to getting that vehicle of yours up and running. That is why we provide and maintain the largest parts inventory in all of Southern Colorado for both Chevrolet and Volkswagen. This means that when you need a part you can usually just come by and pick it up. If through some stroke of ill fortune, we do not have the part that you need, then we can special order it in for you and get it to you fast. Of course, if you need someone to save you the time, we can install that part for you so that you do not have to worry. If you have any questions for our parts or our service staff, then feel free to give us a call, we always love helping out our military.

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